A decentralized stock market of Esports players and teams based on Ethereum.

What is Duely

Duely is a decentralized stock market of Esports players and teams based on Ethereum. Users can buy and sell shares of players whose value varies according to supply and demand.

The investment process is automated thanks to the creation of smart contracts by leveraging Blockchain technology in order to trade shares in a fast, secure and reliable way.

The current Duely model provides users the ability to liquidate their tokens through the Duely stock market.

Duely Stock Market

Why Duely

Esports is a booming global industry where skilled video gamers play competitively. Over 380 million people watch esports worldwide both online and in person and some Esports finals have more audience than the Super Bowl or the NBA Finals.

This growth has attracted brands and investors. Esports teams are already moving millions of dollars, and the salaries of some of their players reach 7 figures.

However, even though teams bring most of the Audience to the Esports industry, their main way to monetize it is via Sponsorships. They need more direct ways to get funded.

They also need liquidity, specially at the beginning of the season to hire new players and pay the expenses before the Sponsors’ money arrives.


How it works

Duely allows investors and fans from all over the world to invest in Esports Teams in exchange of a percentage of their economic rights or the economic rights of their players (transfer rights). Those rights are represented by shares.

Users can use DUELY tokens to buy those shares and can liquidate them through the Duely market. The value of the shares will change according to supply and demand.

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